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The weirdest cocktail EVER!

Updated: Oct 27

Have you ever made a cocktail with Chickpea Brine, Lamb Fat and Onion Syrup? Yes it is possible and you won't believe how good it is until you try our Lambada "Flavours of The Karoo" Lamb dish and cocktail pairing.

"The rich lamb is cut by a zesty and herby salsa verde which is complimented with a crispy, crunchy and delicious lamb crackling roasted chickpea garnish. The Lambada cocktail adds the final touch to tie these Karoo flavours together." - The Culinary Cartel

This zero waste culinary experience was created and shot by The Culinary Cartel to pair with a cocktail designed by world class Mixologist, Justin Shaw from Cause Effect cocktail Kitchen in Cape Town. Here is what you need.

What it's all about

The Lambada Lamb Dish

The Lambada Cocktail


Full Recipe and Method below